School Infrastructure

Computer Lab

"Information Is Power,It Should Be Just a Click Away". The School has well-endowed computer Lab with spacious area & computers to benefit students in learning. The school computer lab is connected with Internet surfing under surveillance. However, the tools and instructional methods used in the lab offers tremendous opportunities for students to improve life within our community and link to the world outside the school.


Electrical Laboratory

At senior secondary level, a vocational course in electrical engineering is running for the students who pursue electrical engineering as their career option. For their practical purposes, school has a well-equipped electrical lab with all types of latest instruments.


Science Lab

To enhance the critical thinking and skill of the students practical knowledge should be imparted in the schools. So to keep in mind this, science lab is established in the school. Science lab is well equipped with all the instruments and apparatus needed to do science practical.



Reading is one of the main pillar of learning process. So to develop a learning habits of the students; there should be a place where students can read variety of literature and reading material, and no place could be better than library. Our school also has a library with a variety of books and other reading material and a good seating capacity. It consists of around 4500 books. We at school initiates the young readers to LEARN MORE FROM BOOKS AND BEYOND BOOKS.


Science Park

To develop scientific temperament of the students school has decided to go one step further and developed an open science park with variety of science experiment. Science Park proved to be a milestone to inculcate scientific knowledge among the students.


Herbal Garden

Herbs have variety of medicinal advantages. Students must know the medicinal benefits of these herbs. To impart the knowledge of various herbs and their benefits in curing different diseases school developed Herbal garden. Herbal garden has variety of medicinal plants.


Health Room

Health room is an essential part of school infrastructure because it provides first aid to ill students or students who met with an accident. Health room has a bed, first aid kit, weighing machine and other essential medical kits.